Well, I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows us because we have always tried to have organic practices but now we are taking the leap and certifying. 


Because are growing more than we can share with our circle of neighbors and friends.  We want to share our food with people outside of firsthand engagement.

img_5310Although we really hope we can tell you all about our food and why we are proud of it, why our practices benefit our soil and capture carbon, therefor helping the planet into the future, we might not be, so organic certification can help those who eat our food understand not just what we don’t put on the food as it grows but how we connect to our animals, how we treat and care for them, and how we plan for the future in our practices through a third body certification. 

img_5633We are very excited about being “organics in transition”, this is a long process, ensuring the land has been treated to standard for four years before being able to be organic.  

We hope, when you visit you will taste the difference this approach makes.  We hope you will join in and dig a carrot out of the ground and see the soil teaming with life.  This is what it is all about!