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Imagine vacationing in a calendar, how relaxed would you feel?   Find out at The Farmhouse. The Farmhouse on Whitaker Road is an art filled, 3 bedroom private home, separate from the rest of the farm, available to you for your perfect vacation.  It is  kitted out with a full kitchen, dining area, living room, two patios, an outdoor dining area, bbq and laundry area.   This non smoking home sleeps up to 4 adults comfortably: or 2 adults and 3 children.
Located in the Comox Valley, in the Courtenay RD, in the middle of the  popular tourist destination of Vancouver Island, this farmhouse is a unique blend of rural and yet close to urban populations.   There are direct flights from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and, seasonally, Puerto Vallarta into the Comox Airport, just a short drive from town.
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Built in the 1930’s as an original homestead in the region, this recently remodeled 1000 square foot home boasts a large eat in kitchen, three cozy farmhouse chic bedrooms, a breezy living room and vast gardens, lawns and forests to enjoy.
The impressive land neighbors Kitty Coleman Gardens and is a short walk (950m) to Kitty Coleman Provincial Park & Beach, which has it’s own boat launch 
The eastern portion of the park is home to a single majestic old-growth Douglas fir, estimated to be more than 500 years old. From there you can see Bald Eagles, Whales, Seals, Sea Lions,  Dals porpoises.  This is quite the popular spot for Salmon Fishing.
If you head west 10 min bike ride to Seal Bay Park.  A place so beautiful it’s original name is Xwee Xwby Luq or “place of serenity and beauty.” as named by the indigenous first peoples of this area The K’ómoks.
The Island provides several beaches on the Georgia Straight to visit such as Miracle Beach just a hop, skip and a jump away.
The Comox Valley boasts the longest growing season in Canada which means the Farmer’s Market Season will be in full swing when you visit,  or if you are really keen, take a bike and do a farm tour!  You can also get to know some of the local artists who make this valley their home.
This mid island location is perfect for day trips to the many unique communities on the Island’s coast.   Maybe a daytrip to Denman Island is in your plans? This location gives you lots of flexibility knowing you will have a peaceful place to call home at the end of the day.
BC is home to over 187 species of butterflies, more than any other province in Canada, and with all the fertile soils and committed gardeners you are sure to see your share.Oh but wait, perhaps butterflies aren’t your thing… how about wine?  Vancouver Island, and the Comox Valley have a burgeoning wine industry, so why not take a wine or meadery tour?  Perhaps go for a sail, rent a bike, hit a golf course or visit a museum, gallery or two.
There are so many festivals to take in; The Filberg, Sandcastle Festival, Campbell River Shoreline Arts Festival and so much more.  And after all that activity, you don’t want to miss going to one of the many spa’s, we recommend the Hydropath.  Of course you will want to do some shopping, make sure you take some chocolate and pastries home to The Farmhouse for later.  Finish it up with wine and award winning cheese from some of the Valley’s finest producers at home on the deck, watching the sun change to stars in this peaceful, light pollution free location.
Perhaps you are more of a homebody.  Don’t stray too far from home as you will be staying on a peaceful 26 acres. Take a walk through the pasture to the 9 acres of  rain forest  sit beneath the trees and listen to the mountain fed creek.
Next wander past the barn to the lavender garden, settle down on one of the many benches  and let the scent wash over you as you relax and rejuvenate.

The Farmhouse has been newly renovated with a chef’s kitchen & dining area, cozy french provincial bedrooms (one queen, one double, a twin daybed) and a breezy living room perfect for puzzles.  Is the weather too nice a night to stay inside? Then head outside to dine al fresco under the tree at the outdoor dining room for 6.


Wanna join us in The Farmhouse on Whitaker Road?


Contact Us:

The Farmhouse on Whitaker Road


778 585 FARM

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